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Having worked in the broadcast market for many years, we have developed a number of products:


RingUK specialises in assisting buyers, specifiers and end-users in the process of recommending and purchasing specialist communications equipment for various commercial applications including

Our specialist communications advice team has over 25 years of experience, specifying and commissioning communications systems that meet the objectives of our clients. Our service centres on enabling our clients with the information necessary to make an informed decision when investing in suitable communications equipment.

M2M Machine to Machine Connectivity

M2M Machine to Machine Connectivity, providing remote monitoring for machinery providing temperature, on/off status etc


Industrial Ethernet switches that combine advanced performance with rugged reliability to provide a “best of both worlds” solution for many of today’s industrial applications.

Tracking and Asset Recovery

Tracking and Asset Recovery Equipment, monitoring for plant. Ensuring client peace of mind against the threat of theft.

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